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The Fairy Gate
Friday, June 1
Guest: L.K. Rigel
Giveaway: Give Me (paperback in US) + Mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Much Loved Books and Great Imaginations

Saturday, June 2
Giveaway: Mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Bookish Brunette
Sunday, June 3
Giveaway winners announced!
Sponsored by: The Aussie Zombie

Monday, June 4
Guest: Kait Nolan
Giveaway: Red
Sponsored by: Between the Pages 
Tuesday, June 5
Guest: Courtney Cole
Giveaway: Autographed copy of Every Last Kiss + mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Kindle and Me 

The Witching Well
Wednesday, June 6
Guest: Sarra Cannon
Giveaway: Peachville High Demons books 1-6
Sponsored by: Reviews From My First Reads Shelf and YA-Aholic

Thursday, June 7
Guest: Psychic Ozma
Giveaway: 20-minute psychic reading!
Sponsored by: Pages of Forbidden Love

Friday, June 8
Guest: C.S. Marks
Giveaway: Elfhunter
Sponsored by: My Cute Bookshelf

The Dwarf Dungeon
Saturday, June 9
Guest: D.P. Prior
Giveaway: The Nameless Dwarf Omnibus
Sponsored by: Alluring Reads

Sunday, June 10
Giveaway winners announced!
Sponsored by: SupaGurl Books

Monday, June 11
Guest: Daniel Arenson
Giveaway: Blood of Requiem
Sponsored by: The Book Faery

Tuesday, June 12
Guest: Melanie from The Silver Branch
Giveaway: Mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Unabridged Andra

The Freak Show
Wednesday, June 13
Guest: Rhiannon Frater
Giveaway: Pretty When She Dies
Sponsored by: Smash Attack Reads! and In the Closet With a Bibliophile

Thursday, June 14
Guest: Brenda Pandos
Giveaway: Everblue (paperback in US)
Sponsored by: Word Spelunking and The Unread Reader
Friday, June 15
Guest: David Dalglish
Giveaway: Blood of the Underworld, The Watcher's Blade Trilogy, Book 1
Sponsored by: A Tale of Many Reviews

Blue Ribbon Creature Contest
Saturday, June 16
Giveaway: Mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Reading the Paranormal

Sunday, June 17
Giveaway winners announced!
Sponsored by: Buried in Books
Monday, June 18
Guest: Michael Crane
Giveaway: A Gnome Problem + LESSONS IV: The Dead Carnival and Other Morbid Drabbles + mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Bending the Spine

Tuesday, June 19
Guest: Stacey Wallace Benefiel
Giveaway: Day of Sacrifice complete series (paperback in US)
Sponsored by: Melissa's Books and Things

Wednesday, June 20
Guest: Samantha Young
Giveaway: Smokeless Fire (paperback in US)
Sponsored by: Blood, Sweat, and Books and Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

Thursday, June 21
Guest: Vicki Keire
Giveaway: Four novels!
Sponsored by: Secret Lives of Fiction Lovers

Friday, June 22
Guest: Amanda Hocking
Giveaway: Virtue + awesome mystery prize!
Sponsored by: Bewitched Bookworms and Xpresso Reads
The Fairy Gate
Post by J.L. Bryan
Saturday, June 23
Giveaway: The Grand Prize
Sponsored by: Supernatural Snark and A Simple Love of Reading

Sunday, June 24
Final Giveaways Announced!
Sponsored by: KindleObsessed

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